Nth Wonder Sustainable, Dairy-free Gelato

Yes, Our Gelato is Plant-based

And yes, we're 100% dairy-free, lactose-free, cholesterol-free, trans fat-free, and gluten-free. And yes, our gelato has 47% less saturated fat and loads more minerals than regular cow ice cream. But our gelato also tastes incredibly creamy. Not vegan creamy. Not cashew or coconut creamy. Artisanal creamy. Homemade by grandma creamy. I gotta try now creamy.

Wonder of the World

We make our gelato with kenari nuts grown naturally in the rainforests of Indonesia. Rich in protein and full of vitamins and minerals, kenari nuts help us achieve traditional Italian gelato's signature dense, creamy, and buttery texture thanks to a high concentration of oleic acid, the same found in olive oil.

Learn more about the health benefits of kenari nuts, and why the kenari tree is nicknamed “the tree of hope.”

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Healthier Food,
Healthier Planet

Our planet needs your help. 15 billion trees are being cut down. Every single year. The biggest culprit is industrial farming, like cattle ranching, which causes 80% of tropical deforestation and 13% of global emissions.

We can help save our trees and our world through our daily decisions. We can eat less dairy, we can plant more saplings. It starts with a scoop, then a shovel. It starts with food that's better for people, and our planet.

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In the Headlines

“By using a sustainable source for our gelato and with our kenari tree nursery reforestation project, we save trees and plant trees, it's that simple.”

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What Our Customers Say

“Our two favorites are the Pistachio and Salted Caramel. The Pistachio's signature flavor is intense without being too sweet. The Salted Caramel lives up to its name: the combination of sweet and salty is perfectly balanced, and the chunks of vegan cookies are a really nice touch! Honorary mention to Hazelnut, it tastes very similar to one of the notorious hazelnut spreads!”

Jakarta Vegan Guide

“Nth Wonder gelato is delicious and decadent, and you can really taste the difference in creaminess with their use of kenari over the usual options like soy and coconut - the result is a hearty and authentically Italian gelato.”

Vinny Mathilda

(Plant-based Chef, Owner of Plantfood Atelier, Vinny's Warung & Vinny's Plant-based Vegan Catering)

“I've never had plant-based gelato that tasted this good! It's so creamy, and their Pistachio is mind-blowing! It taste as if you're eating pistachio nuts!”

Ariyani Sukma, Nutritionist & Mom